Stock Management Software

Keep an eye over your stocks and payments with the stock management software.

We at PDS Technology India understand how difficult it can be for a business to keep track of all the incoming and outgoing stocks and manage discounts, billing and other transactions made. Hence, we bring you a customized Stock Management Software that shall cater to all your specific requirements and allows you to automate your stock management system. We build a software that isn’t overstuffed but have the right set of features that’ll meet all of your needs easily. Just to name our features that are incorporate into the software: Product Purchase, Sell Product, Customer Entry, Customer Wallet, Multiple Company, Multi Billing, Opening item Entry, Discount Manage, Billing Management, Credit Notification, SMS/E-mail Alert, MIS Report, Stock Transfer and Stock Return.

We build a software that has easy and an interactive, customized interface. Plus, we let you choose the features that should be displayed to each different user, thus offering a protected and controlled view. Control what you want the world to see while keeping the vital features and parts hidden to yourself! We make the software safe and secure such that no customer, vendor, employee or unauthorized person will be able to play with your system and screw it up! Plus, we also let you decide what transactions can a particular user perform and the methods that they’ll have access to. We build a software that isn’t complicated to use, but so easy that you’ll surely love it! With so many features to offer, just tell us what you want in your software and we shall develop it accordingly. An all-in-one software, get one for your company today!


Product Purchase

Keep an account of all the purchased products.

Sell Product

Keep an account of all the sold products.

Customer Entry

Make a customer account with great ease.

Customer Wallet

Generate the accurate and correct billing amount of a customer.

Multiple Company

Add more accounts and manage all of your accounts easily.

Multi Billing

Generate bills for range of different items and products.

Billing Management

Manage keep track of your bills more easily and accurately.

Opening Item Entry

Create a new entry for an item effortlessly.

Discount Manage

Manage discounts and generate bills accordingly.

Credit Notification

Get notified if credit exceeds a particular limit.

SMS/E-mail alert

Receive system generated SMS or email when any item goes out of stock.

MIS Report

Generate MIS reports more accurately and easily.

Stock Transfer

Keep a track on your stock transfer and its history.

Stock Return

Manage all your stock returns with great ease and precision.

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