School Management Software

Administer and manage all services of your school very easily and efficiently with the help of school management software.

Get personalised school management software developed from us that’ll help in easy administrating and managing of all services related to daily school activities. Use it to manage your students, teachers, staffs, courses, accounts and every other system very easily and efficiently. And not just for schools, the software that we develop can also be used by universities, training centres, kindergartens, institutional groups, seminaries and online schools.

Our software includes features like admission management, student information and attendance management, examination & evaluation management, and time-table management. The software also lets you to manage your transport, inventories, and hostel and library services with this software. Plus, manage your finances and automate the fee collection procedure with all these features we incorporate in the software we build for you. Just provide all the necessary details and what features you’d like and we shall develop a software specifically for you.

We at PDS Technology India, understand how difficult it can be to manage all school related activities and resources which is why we incorporate many features in our School Management Software. For example, the Admission Management feature will automate the entire admission process while the Fee Collection Management will strengthen the fee collection process enabling your students to also submit their fees online. The library management feature will help in keeping track of all books available in the library and also make the entire process of lending and returning books automated.

With so many features to offer, school management software will make every system of your institution automated, synchronized and lead to optimal use of school resources. All-in-one software, get it today for easy and efficient managing for all of your school related services.


Admission Management

Modernize and systemize your entire admission process.

Student Information Management

Handle all student information easily and efficiently

Student Attendance Management

Track the student’s attendance precisely and make your attendance system systemized.

Examination & Evaluation Management

Oversee exam data proficiently and generate personalized report cards.

Time Table Management

Effectual and well organized timetable generation for perfect collaboration between the schools resources and pupils.

Fee & Collection Management

With options for online fees payment and features like automatic reminders, reinforce your fee collection process.

Transport Management

With facilities like auto generated SMS to parents and tracking of school vehicles, safeguard your student’s and staff’s transportation.

Library Management

Automate the entire process of lending and returning books and catalogue books with Barcode Scanners.

Hostel Management

Supervise the student’s accommodation process more conveniently and soundly.

Asset & Expense Management

Study and monitor your school expenses and resources accurately and easily.

Finance Management

Enhance the use of your finances with controlled view of vital financial data.

Inventory Management

Monitor your inventories by having a clear view of the inventory data.

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