Payroll Management Software

A payroll management software will meet all of your business requirements from generating pay slips to track deductions like Provident fuds, income tax, etc.

Everyone’s business is distinctive, so is yours which is why we take special care of making a customized payroll software for your company. We cater to all your specific business requirements and services and make sure that the software we develop is totally compatible with your system. You might easily find a readymade payroll software available on internet for free download but that might not cater to all of your requirements. And even if it does, it might not be compatible with your system which is why we are here to your rescue! We’ll develop a software that’ll be dedicated just for the use of your company. Use it to generate pay slips based on the employees’ attendance, track bonuses, taxes and manage your finances efficiently and accurately.

We at PDS Technology India understand that each business has special requirements which is why we incorporate lots of features into the software we develop for you, such as: Attendance Management, Employee Management, Advanced Management, Leave Management, Incentive Management, Pay Slip generate, Monthly Salary Statement, Overtime Management, PF and ESI Calculation, Legal IT Form Calculation, SMS/E-mail Alert and Customize Report. An all-in-one software, there is certainly no reason why you shouldn’t consider it and automate your entire payroll system! With the help of this software you’ll be easily able to stick to your business policies, rules and regulations, calculate the accurate amount payable to an employee and, not to miss out, meet every specific requirement of your business. Get a payroll software for your business developed from us today!


Attendance Management

Track the attendance of your employees more easily.

Employee Management

Manage all data of your employees more efficiently and easily.

Advanced Management

Manage loans disbursements with EMI and other advanced options with ease.

Leave Management

Track employees’ number of leaves and generate his pay slip accordingly.

Incentive Management

Calculate incentives for your employees effortlessly.

Payslip Generate

Generate pay slips according to the employees’ attendance, overtime, etc. more accurately.

Monthly Salary Statement

Generate monthly salary statement with more ease and accuracy.

Overtime Management

Track the overtime of your employees and generate his pay slip accordingly.

PF & ESI Calculation

Calculate the PF and ESI more accurately and with no trouble.

Legal IT From Calculation

Calculate the legal IT form more precisely and effortlessly.

SMS/E-mail Alert

Send system generated SMS and E-mails to your employees.

Customize Report

Generate customized reports as per your requirements with more ease.

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