Payment Gateway

PDS Technology provides the strongest web support to make sure that all your payment issues are sorted in a secure and faster mode.

Online payment is the mode of business transaction in current times. However, every website has to make sure that the payment gateway be cleared in such a way that there is no fraudulence associated with it. Also, there should be proper mechanism to maintain the whole payment procedure so that no body is left hanging in the mid-air. We at PDS Technology help to not only create that payment gateway for the websites, but also maintain them. With us you can be sure that there is no chance of duping people in the name of money collection. Also, for website maintenance, our trained professionals make sure that this payment procedure can be done in the best manner, without any harm caused to the payee.

At minimal rates, we make sure that your website gets the best service and thereby extends to provide the best service to the people who intend to go into payment and other monetary business with your website. Thus, with your trust in us, we will help you to reach levels of maximum satisfaction in terms of maintenance.


Maximum Payment Options

Here we will make sure that the payee is able to pay in cash, card or any other mode of card payment and internet transfer.

Multiple Currency Processing

This is extremely helpful for any type of international transaction. In this mode, money from any country can be used to make the purchase and that too without any immediate conversion procedure.

Easy Customization

For us, customer satisfaction is a must! Here the whole payment procedure should be made in an easy manner with customers being guided in the correct way.

Smart Dynamic Routing

With its help, all the customers can be sure of their payment and also in case of any refund, they can be sure of their money coming back.

Retry Option

When a payment is not made properly, there should be a clear indication regarding how to go about trying again. Here, rather than blocking of payment options, one can again try to make the payment finally.

Shopping Cart

The customers should be given the option to buy more than one good at a certain point of time. Also, in this shopping cart, customers can pick and keep things of their choice before they go missing and make payment later.

Shopping Cart Plugins

A series of shopping carts can be used by having the same preferred payment gateway. So for a number of buys, payment becomes easier.

iFrame Integration

In this case, with our software we provide complete security of your payment. Rather than leaving the page with a series of redirects, this is the correct way to provide a secure and easy payment mode.

Responsive Checkout Page

After the payment is made, the customers will get a responsive page which will make sure that their payment has been done safely and surely. In this responsive page, there will be complete details regarding the payment so that the customers have a complete guarantee of their payment in correct manner.

Customer Support

Just in case, customers cannot understand how to go about the whole process, they can easily click on to our customer support option to get a complete idea and explanation of the procedure of making payment.

Invoice Payments

Here the payments can be guaranteed so that the customers can be sure that their payment has been made. Our skilled professionals have made the whole process very easy to understand.

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