Asset Management

Monitor and maintain all of your assets cost effectively with the Asset Management Software.

We at PDS Technology India understand how tiresome and difficult it could be to monitor and keep latest update about our assets manually. Hence, we bring you an Asset Management Software that lets you to look after and track costs of your assets more accurately and efficiently. We incorporate lots of features into the software to make it more resourceful and proficient. We include features like: Asset Entry, Barcode Printing, Location Tracking, Multi Building, Damage Asset, Multi User, Any Where Access and Customize Report. Simply said, we provide all the functionality that you’ll require to monitor and keep an eye on your assets. Just let us know what features you’d like us to incorporate and we shall develop an Asset Management Software as per your taste!

We build a software that is compatible with all systems and also secured. Plus, if you’d like, we can make a provision for multi-user option in the software if it’ll be used by more than one users. Use this software to keep an eye on all of your assets, who has them, where they are and all overheads related with the asset. Plus, track all costs for maintenance, losses and calculate the monthly and annual depreciated value more accurately and effortlessly. The software also lets you to create your own customized reports and barcode labels along with scanning and printing of barcodes. With the right set of features, consider this an All-in-One software to monitor and maintain your assets more easily and efficiently.


Asset Entry

Make entries for your assets with great ease.

Barcode Printing

Create your own barcode labels and also scan and print them.

Location Tracking

Track exact locations of your assets easily.

Multi Building

Monitor all assets and buildings more efficiently.

Damage Asset

Keep track of damaged assets, depreciated values and charges for maintenance and repairs.

Multi User

Provision for multi user access.

Any Where Access

Get access to the software from anywhere around the world.

Customize Report

Generate customized and accurate reports about your assets.

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